Shelfy just has to eat it.

Yesterday Jessica Biel who is these days more shrink ass than she is shelf ass was in New York promoting Summit on the Summit: Kilimanjaro, the doc that was filmed during her climb up the mountain last month with the poor man’s Shia LaBeouf and others. As you can see, her upper lip is f-cking CRAZY. Like maybe all the weight she’s lost around her ass went straight to her mouth. But Jesus Christ that sh-t is absurd, non.

While Shelfy was on the carpet however, Pip was partying in Vegas. Oh la was he ever. He was with his boys at TAO. He was surrounded by scantily clad dancers. And even though his hands are in his pockets, even though it would have been loud in there, even though he would have had to stand close to hear her, there’s something about that lascivious half smile on his face, and of course the fact that her ass is readily available in those stockings.

According to eyewitnesses, Justin spent a lot time with two dancers, a blonde and a brunette. When he and his friends bailed at 2:30am, the brunette took a huge bottle of bubbly up to his suite. He didn’t leave with them but he was overheard telling them to meet him at the elevators. They were seen later on, in street clothes, heading up to his penthouse where he personally met them to escort them inside.

Is this enough to send Shelfy packing? Please. Nothing is enough to send Shelfy packing. That sh-t will cling. And she’ll take it however she can get it. Which is probably the best scenario for him. A steady girl and a lot of action on the side, all of it on the up and up...

Why not?

But watch for it tomorrow. A little item on about how Justin worked hard to set up his FRIEND with a dancer in Vegas and spent the rest of the night texting Jessica. Sure he did.

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