Pipsqueak popped up in Paris yesterday to do a little shopping. Shelfy was not with him in person but, as usual, she was soon present in spirit, as rumours started circulating in America almost immediately that Justin picked up a bauble or two for her. Jessica Biel’s publicist never ceases to amaze. Creating buzz from across the Atlantic within minutes about something that never happened? Brilliant.

Pip is in town to promote Givenchy. Am told that he is also trying to wash his hands quickly of the slaughter. In case you haven’t heard, The Love Guru was trounced at the box office this weekend. Supposedly JT’s answer to the flop has been to say – I didn’t write the script…which is not surprising at all.

He is That Guy, you know?

The guy who will take credit, all of it, during success and the guy who will claim no responsibility for failure. Remember how he treated Janet Jackson post Superbowl wardrobe malfunction? Remember how he ran away like a gutless ball-less coward?

That is Justin Timberlake.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com