The Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open Championship is happening this week in Vegas. JT played in the pro-am yesterday with some other celebrities. Jessica Biel followed him around in a golf cart. See photos below.

In other words, by having her at the event, and such an important one, he’s giving her permission to be his Official Girlfriend again. Like in public and sh-t. And is she so grateful? Well, in this case, they’re both really grateful. Justin begged for her to forgive him, and to believe in him, despite the fact that he strayed and he strays. She wants badly to believe him. In taking him back though, he consented to a few of her demands. Getting to flaunt the fact that she’s by his side again, that may have been one of the conditions.
Unfortunately, everyone else can see it but she can’t. Or refuses to.

Lately I’ve started to feel bad for her. Like you would any girl who keeps getting f-cked over by a dickhead. Then I remember how much she exploited out of their relationship and now I can’t decide if I should sympathise.

Justin will soon begin heavy press for In Time with Amanda Seyfried. The trailer is below. It was also announced this week that Pip has signed on to play Neil Bogart in a biopic about the record producer’s life. Bogart was responsible for Kiss, Donna Summer, The Village People, and died at 39 of cancer. JT will also produce. In other words, Justin Timberlake is trying, desperately, to win an Oscar. They start shooting sometime next year.

Oh and he might be headed for Broadway too. In A Time to Kill. Jake Brigance, Matthew McConaughey’s role. How hard have your eyes been rolling??? Right???

So far IndieWire is the only site, or one of the only sites, that is NOT all up in Justin’s ass about his acting. For some reason, as I’ve noted on several other occasions, all the other outlets are too f-cking scared to say it out loud: that he sucks. Collider went so far as to say that Justin “has proved he can handle comedy and drama with infuriating ease”.

Really? That’s what’s infuriating in this situation? And not the collective conspiracy to coddle him because... why??? They give him all this power. We are the ones who suffer. By being deprived of his music and by being subjected to The Actor Timberlake.

In Time