As we saw, Justin Timberlake tried to take over Cannes the other day. Click here for a refresher. He’s at the festival as an “actor” and, in addition to promoting Inside Llewyn Davis, STARRING OSCAR ISAAC, he’s also there to hype his upcoming film Spinning Gold, a biopic of legendary producer Neil Bogart. He told veteran entertainment reporter Roger Friedman that he’s been “researching directors”. Would you please f-ck OFF?

Friedman also notes that JT is such a true thespian, he’s actually “acting” when he’s singing:

“...(Timberlake’s) whole 20/20 Experience album and tour is an acting exercise. Justin is playing a part– of a Rat Pack like suave singer with a back up band. And that’s just fine since the album is a monster hit and the tour should be, too.”

I just rolled my eyes so hard I removed all the Chinese in my features.

But Justin really, really, REALLY wants you to think of him as an “actor”. He feels that his talent as a musician might be getting in the tell, confiding to Friedman that:

“You know my music career hangs over me like a cloud.”

A cloud? Well that’s one way to describe a career that’s pretty much given him everything.

Here’s JT on his way to an interview with Canal+ yesterday accompanied by his wife who looks great. Great dress (Roksanda Ilincic SS2013 -- click here to see the collection), good hair, good shoes.

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