After 3 consecutive Dudes We Like posts, let’s bring it all down with a douchebag.

Clearly I’m in the minority with the Justin Timberlake fatigue. His relentless assault over the last couple of months totally worked. The 20/20 Experience is expected to exceed 800,000 copies in first week sales, making it his best ever, over FutureSex/LoveSounds which, frankly, we can all agree on this right?, is the better album.

Needless to say, that ego will grow. Is growing. Is now exponentially more insufferable.

Is this irony? To miss his music and then to be exhausted by the promotion of his music?

Did you watch his album release special on...The CW earlier this week? I was travelling that day but my friend (and producer) Laura wrote to me with her observations. She called it a “giant bj”. In short, he tried to be funny (and isn’t) and compared his sound to Stevie Wonder and the Jackson 5. Then they included all these bumpers from celebrities kissing his ass. The most “significant” names of his admirers were:

Emmy Rossum and Nikki Reed.


As for the Mirrors video which was released earlier this week, I finally got around to watching it last night because, frankly, 8+ minutes is a f-cking time investment. The first part, for those of you who don’t have almost 10 minutes to devote to Justin Timberlake jerking himself off, is a short film about long-lasting love where JT makes no appearance. It’s good. The last few minutes however is JT dancing and singing in a hall of mirrors with no connection to the previous story and serves only to show off his great shoes and how good is perm is working.

Curiously the video, JT’s second off the new album, was directed by Floria Sigismondi who also directed David Bowie’s second video The Stars (Are Out Tonight). If you’ve been reading my blog consistently lately, I’ve been putting the two together almost every chance I get (click here and here for examples) because one is clearly superior...and first.


-On January 8, out of nowhere and without any preludes, Bowie dropped his first new track in almost a decade, with a spare announcement that an album would follow.

-Two dates later, JT tried to blueball the entire world with a trailer to a trailer to a preview clock hyping up his big ass news... which, obviously, was Suit & Tie.

-Bowie’s first video for Where Are We Now featured the lyrics to the song running on screen.

-JT’s first video for Suit & Tie featured...the lyrics to the song running on the screen.

-David Bowie’s second video was directed by Floria Sigismondi and released on February 26

-JT’s second video was directed by Floria Sigismondi and released this week.

Is this a pattern?

Let it be then.

Bowie. First.

Justin. Second.