A new television season has started. On the talk show circuit, everyone wants to book the big guests. So Jimmy Fallon called on one of his best friends, Justin Timberlake, to do him a solid last night. Justin Timberlake opened The Tonight Show with History of Rap Part 6, then stayed for an interview and showed off his baby photos, and then judged the lip synch battle between Jimmy and Ellen DeGeneres.

By JT’s standards, that’s a major favour. I wonder what he expects in return. Here are the shots of 5 month old Silas:

I’m actually surprised he included his wife in one of these. Oh and guess what Silas’s first word was? WHAT ELSE WOULD IT BE?

Da Da.


Because it’s always all about JT. When he got married, it was all about JT.

When he announced he was pregnant, it was all about JT:

Even when his son is learning how to speak, it’s all about JT. Even at the US Open it’s all about JT.

If you’re JT, you never show up to a tennis match and, you know, just watch the play. Not when he misses it so badly. He must, non? As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago when he joined Taylor Swift on stage at her show (click here for a refresher), it’s been a quiet year for Justin. That ego is hungry. But watching him on Fallon, seeing him entertain, no matter how much I can’t with him, you also can’t deny that he’s good at it. That he belongs there. Which is why I have said for years that he should host the Oscars. Last week I suggested that he host with Will Ferrell – click here for a refresher. What if he hosted with Jimmy Fallon? I don’t know how likely that would be considering the Oscars air on ABC and Fallon is firmly an NBC man. With that combination though, they’d definitely hit all their targets. I’d grind my teeth through the whole show but at the end of it, there’d also be so much to say.