Here are Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea last night in New York. She stars in the film and also produced it. He was the music supervisor. So she was asked about their working dynamic since, technically, she was in charge, which, you know.

"He's much better left to his own devices," Biel revealed. "I mean, I like to say that I was his boss, but I wasn't really acting as his boss. So we had a good working relationship."

As if she could actually act like his boss and have him honour it. You remember when Angelina Jolie directed Brad Pitt in By The Sea? And in all the press afterwards, she made no apologies that it was work, business, and that she was well within her professional domain to be the “boss”, so to speak. There’s no describing it that way when it comes to JT.

But he did let Jessica hold the mic during the presentation. And I can’t find any photos of him holding the mic at all. When can the internet start taking credit for this?