Justin Timberlake did not win a Critics’ Choice Award last night for Can’t Stop The Feeling. I guess I should mention here that they played the song when he took the stage to present last night and he was like, bah, make it stop. Which is supposed to mean that he’s so funny and self-deprecating but I’m not giving him this, not him, because that’s exactly what he wants. He WANTS you to be all like, oh, look at him he can laugh at himself. Sure. But only when he gets to write the joke.

Can’t Stop The Feeling was nominated for a Golden Globe this morning. And it will most likely be nominated for an Oscar. Sarah keeps trying to reassure me that it won’t happen, that the Academy will get it right and award Lin-Manuel Miranda or one of the songs from La La Land. But still, I worry. I worry that Can’t Stop The Feeling for them will be like Let It Go. That the old Academy members will just vote for the ones they know. And that’s basically the demographic for Can’t Stop The Feeling now.

Also, he seems to be campaigning harder than anyone else. Like, he even wants a People’s Choice Award:

And here’s what he tweeted this morning after finding out about his Globe nomination – like it could be any more obvious: