Oh the People’s Choice Awards. It’s no secret that they’re not prestigious but I’ve always wondered how it actually works, like logistically. Because the People’s Choice Awards are the Who Can Come To The Show Awards. If you can come, you win. We’ll even create a category for you to get you there. How far in advance do they call people to get it locked in their schedules?

Anyway, Justin Timberlake was at the PCAs last night. And, obviously, he won 2 PCAs last night because he wouldn’t be there otherwise. Justin was named Favourite Male Artist and also recognised for his song, Can’t Stop The Feeling, also known by many as the Worst Song of the Year. Which is exactly why it should be honoured at the People’s Choice Awards. I was actually surprised the asskissing Hollywood Foreign Press Association didn’t give him one at the Golden Globes. JT had to take the opportunity then at the PCAs to try out his possible acceptance speech, in the event he wins at the Oscars.

And how did that speech go? Well, unsurprisingly, he tried to make it funny. He complained about the traffic. Then he thanked his collaborators before dedicating his win to his wife and son and that was supposed to be sweet, I guess, until he attempted to be a comedian again by saying that if his son was still watching the nanny would be fired which… is not new or fresh or clever because people were doing that at award shows THIRTY YEARS AGO.

Collectively, this might be our fault. All of us. We let him believe that he’s funny all by himself. We did. We have to own that. He went on Saturday Night Live and all that talent around him made him look good and we credited the boy bander pop star instead of attributing the work to the ones who were truly responsible for it and now, now look what’s happened. Now we have to live with this guy, and every time he’s in front of a microphone he’s out there thinking he’s Dave Chappelle. This mistake? We’ll be paying for it for a long, long time. Because JT will always win People’s Choice Awards. Meanwhile Janet Jackson, a F-CKING LEGEND, has never won a People’s Choice Award. #neverforget