If your man is rocking sneakers with dress pants and you love it – and I do – you have the Pipsqueak to thank for that. Pippy takes credit for everything. Now he’s adding style to the list.

William Rast at NY Fashion week – it’s today.

Also today – GQ unveiled its new cover naming Justin Timberlake to the #1 spot on the list of Most Stylish Men in America. Great. More padding for his enormous ego.

Having said that, in this regard, I can’t disagree. JT wears the sh-t out of his clothes. JT wears the sh-t out of his pants. From the Grammys to the golf course, that child can dress. Oh yes. JT also apparently has a caddy that is paid to eat out of his ass.

Pip’s caddy:
Dude, he's the f-cking King of Pop! He can wear whatever he wants to wear. If he wants to rock sandals with socks, a week later everyone in L.A. is going to be wearing sandals with socks!

Surrounded by sycophants, is there any wonder why he’s so insufferably conceited?

Pip on inventing sneakers with suits:
Some guy came up to me and said, 'You single-handedly made it cool to wear sneakers with a suit!' I mean, I just put sneakers on because I couldn't dance in the shoes I had. I couldn't leap with just insoles and dress shoes. I would've hurt myself.

More photos of Pip at Pebble Beach this weekend. As usual, his course attire is tight. The tournament was delayed yesterday due to weather. Ugh. See? It’s always rainy in Southern California during Oscar week!

Jessica Biel showed up, of course she did, to support her man. Was spotted in the gallery. And this is the question:

Shelf Ass sucks on the red carpet. Why can’t her boyfriend help her with that? It’s not like he doesn’t know about stylish women. For him, Kate Moss is the ultimate:

Who's a style icon? Kate Moss. She looks good in anything. She would look good in one of your T-shirts, in her T-shirt, in a man's suit, in a huge gown. She looks amazing naked. She even makes nude look stylish. That, to me, is a style icon. She could put a barrel on and it would be some sort of statement.

See? He has an eye…

Why can’t he apply it to his Shelf? Or maybe it’s unfixable?

Read more of Pip’s GQ interview here. Thanks M!

Photos from Flynetonline.com