Little Pipsqueak rode a man’s bike yesterday to Café Med after lunch. It’s the red backpack that seals it, non? Brad Pitt could carry this backpack off with an adult swagger. Justin Timberlake rolls around like it’s a Big Wheel.

Pips is busy these days, not in the recording studio (where he belongs) but doing everything but singing –promoting a green golf course, promoting his fragrance for Givenchy, and promoting his sucky looking new movie The Open Road.

The fragrance ads are hot. Have you seen?

He was interviewed about the scent recently and decided to use his gentle voice. Or something. Listen to him. How f-cking annoying is the way he’s speaking?

As for The Open Road, I posted the trailer last week but am worried you may have missed it. And this sh-t is umissable. This sh-t is too good for you to miss. His acting is the worst since Madonna. And you know he thinks he’s good.

Seriously Jeff Bridges…are you poor?

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