All up in your face this weekend promoting The Social Network. Then again, it’s easy to promote The Social Network. Everybody already loves The Social Network. The real test is promoting the sh-ts. Like The Open Road.


You don’t know The Open Road?

Justin Timberlake starred in The Open Road. But Justin Timberlake did no press for The Open Road. Justin Timberlake is practically jerking off for the press in The Social Network. Pips has a long way to go before he’s Will Smith.

This is Pips at the TSN premiere the other night. I also saw him all over my football shows yesterday and on Saturday Night Live for two sketches – the opening and a quick bit with Andy Samberg, trying to make funny about the way everyone just wants him to sing again.

Justin however doesn’t sound like he wants to sing for, well, for a while.

Click here to see the video.

Eye roll.

And there’s more. Pippy’s in the upcoming Yogi Bear movie with Dan Ackroyd. The trailer is available now. He plays Boo Boo and puts his ball-boundness to good use. But the film looks AWFUL.

(AD) Yogi Bear in 3D


As for Pippy on SNL, it wasn’t meant to be a showcase for him, but you’ll note at the very end, during the farewell, that bitch deserved a loud Sit DOWN. He couldn’t stay OFF camera for 30 seconds. That part starts at 1:50.

Photos from Mark Gaier/ESPN and and Andrew H. Walker/