Confirmed this morning -- Justin Timberlake will return to the Grammys on February 10 after a four year absence. You say Beyonce makes everything about her? Justin Timberlake makes everything about him. It’s become the Pipsqueak Grammy Awards now. And....I don’t mind. At the Oscars? I mind, unless he’s hosting. At the Grammys? That’s the stage he belongs on. I look forward to seeing it. I look forward to the collaboration, as they often are, the performances at the Grammys. Unless the collaboration is with Chris Brown, although I can’t see it. Pips and Frank Ocean? Definitely. Pips & Mumford? That too. Pips and Taylor Swift? Oh my God, yes. Now, will he insist on the first spot or the last spot?

Here’s Pips at the SAG Awards on Sunday where he presented to Anne Hathaway. Also attached -- Pips and Jay-Z shooting the video for Suit & Tie, a series of pictures I love, if only for the Photo Assumption. Look at him, hopping and fangirling all over Jay’s feet.