Mrs Timberlake’s best night ever!

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 11, 2013 14:41:20 February 11, 2013 14:41:20

Better than the time her husband jumped on her head on their wedding day on the cover of PEOPLE Magazine?


Because that was in Italy. And there was no live television audience. At the Grammys though, she was front row. Seated beside Beysus. And Jay-Z poured champagne for her. And sometimes her husband put his hand on her thigh all Beckham style and she was grateful.

Have you ever seen her so happy?

Look at her, fangirling in the audience during his performance, at one point trying to dance, which is, apparently, when Duana checked out his set. And about that set...

How long was Justin Timberlake’s set?

YouTube is telling us it was around 6:20 which...

He was not nominated. Apart from a 30 second cameo by Jay-Z, he performed alone -- no collaboration. It wasn’t a tribute. And it was all new music, not exactly songs we’ve been listening to all year. And still... they give JT one of the longest spots of the night. Just as long as the Bob Marley part! The Bob Marley part, one of the best, if not the best, of the night, which opened with Bruno Mars’s Locked Out Of Heaven then joined by Sting, and then joined by Damian & Ziggy Marley, and Rihanna, all those people, went the same amount of time as JT. Mumford & Sons, the eventual winners of Album of the Year, only went 4 minutes.

But he’s JT, right? He’s the celebrated Pips. If they want him, these are his conditions. He gets to be up there as long as he wants. If this is what he’s like now, when The 20/20 Experience hasn’t even dropped yet, can you imagine how much MORE he’ll be next year when he’s nominated for everything and wins it all?

And still, because he’s punished us for so long with his acting, it’s almost a relief. I’ll take this, I’ll take his giant musical ego, on stage for the entire f-cking telecast if that’s what it has to be, over seeing him at the movies. He is, undeniably, really, really good in this format.

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