“When I was a little boy…”

How many times have you heard Pippy talk about his little boy days? He ALWAYS refers to his little boy days. 5 years ago it was cute. Now it’s limp cheese and please grow some balls.


When I was growing up…
When I was younger…

It works, and better still, it means you’re not asskissing women YOUR MOTHER’s AGE!

So Justin Timberlake performed twice last night. It was always planned with T.I. but the Al Green duet was apparently a fill-in for Rihanna. Thing is, I liked the Al Green better. He didn’t sound right with T.I.

He sounded excellent however on Let’s Stay Together. And this is the JT dilemma. I like him so much when he’s not talking. It’s when he’s talking that there’s a problem. When he’s singing, it’s all good. He loves to sing. He loves music. The enjoyment he takes from music is infectious. Pips is undeniably talented. It’s his ego that is undeniably insufferable.

And his girlfriend too.

She hosted the technical Oscars this weekend wearing a Holiday Inn bedspread and shoulders that could play for the Pittsburgh Steelers offensive line.

PS. Why was Boyz II Men relegated to backup? Because fame is fleeting. Shame.

Justin Timberlake Al Green at the Grammys

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