Wonder if MJ took any money off the Pip yesterday.

Both are apparently very good golfers. And Michael Jordan loves to bet. He and Justin Timberlake played Bethpage Black yesterday (a public course!), site of this year’s US Open which will, as always, culminate on Father’s Day. Tiger Woods won the tournament there in 2002. Following his Memorial victory last weekend, he’s obviously going in with momentum. But the sentimental favourite has to be Phil Mickelson.

Tiger played a practice round on the Black Course on Monday and yesterday the celebrity amateurs had their go. As you can see, little Pips is like Zac Efron here with Leonardo DiCaprio. Giddy like a schoolboy talking to the quarterback.

Mike! You’re the champ!

Oh but to live the life. Of golf. And caddies.

Please. I’d take at least 5 shots off my game, if not more, if I didn’t have to carry my f-cking bag around. This is called a golf delusion. I have many of them.

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