Justin Timberlake showed up at the ASCAP Country Music Awards last night in Nashville to present Trisha Yearwood with the Voice of Music Award alongside former President Jimmy Carter. As a general rule, when you present to someone, do you think you should honour the person and, you know, step the f-ck back and let them be recognised? Or… do you think you should make it as entertaining as possible and therefore become part of the conversation? How would JT answer this question?

Look at him bowing down on stage in front of Trisha.

He’ll tell you he means this as a sign of respect. Sure. But now we have a photo of him bowing down on stage. It’s a spectacle. And, at the centre of it, always, is Justin Timberlake. He can’t f-cking help himself.

So just release a new album already, God. Can you smell how much he misses the spotlight?

Tomorrow night it’s the CMA Awards. They announced yesterday that JT will be there too. He’s to perform with Chris Stapleton. Apparently Chris just cold-called him and made the request, telling Entertainment Weekly that: 

“He was so gracious and kind to want to do it.”

I’m not sure grace and kindness had anything to do with it.