Actually, it’s Jesse Eisenberg.

But I guess you can’t blame them for pimping Justin Timberlake the way they are. He gets an Entertainment Weekly cover with his castmates this week and he another one on his own. Pippy however does not play Mark Zuckberg. I just... wanted to make that clear.

Pippy is however by far the biggest name with a huge worldwide fanbase. But... for his music. Which he says is not, right now, his primary focus. Although conveniently it does become a useful tool when he’s on the sell. Which is why he played it brilliantly last night on Fallon, not with his acting, hell no, but with his main gift – the way almost all of us enjoy him the most.

A 4 minute homage to hip-hop loose and free that will remind you WHY Justin is Justin. It’s amazing. I’ve watched this twice. I love every second. And he does none of it in the movie.

I’ve held back from not just a full review of The Social Network but even passing remarks because I think it’s best if you all see it first. Definitely see it this weekend. And not just because it’s a great film but also because it’s a discussion. About cultural communication. Or lack of it. About cultural engagement. Or is it cultural ambivalence? More of this on Monday.

Attached – photos from the TSN special screening in New York last night. Strange Shelfy hasn’t been to one, not one, TSN promotional event. She must be whittling away.

Photos from and Johns PkI/