Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick were in London last night to present at the BAFTA TV Awards and they were out today to promote Trolls. I’m so confused. According to the movie’s website, Trolls doesn’t open until November. Is that how it is now? Is this how early we’re starting promotion? Six months of it?

Or is it because we have to make sure Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop The Feeling becomes the hit song of the summer? Which… fine… but who’s gonna remember in f-cking November!?!

As for Can’t Stop The Feeling, could you escape it this weekend? I wrote briefly about it on Friday morning – that it’s one of those catchy songs written for weddings and, hilariously, I heard from a couple of readers yesterday that it was indeed played at the weddings they went to on Saturday. Sasha pointed something out to me about the video too the other day, and it’s true: according to the video, no one loves this song more than Justin Timberlake. Sasha also noticed that… well…you know how the video features cast members from Trolls and JT’s mom, prominently? Check who shows up in the background, but blurred, at 1:23:

Per Sasha, he literally shaded her.