My husband and I, we are golf purists. And he’s too cheap to pay for a cart. But mostly we walk the course because that’s what golf is. You hit and hit and hit, and you walk, with your bag on your back, and you’re tired, and you don’t turn your hips because you’re tired, because you’ve been walking for hours, and the shots start to suffer, and if you come in with a good score having overcome all those elements, truly you can play the game.

Pipster Justin Timberlake recently said that he plays the game because “it’s easy”. Well if that’s easy, why don’t you walk it, bitch? Even the pros, who are pampered as it is, even they, the last line of privilege, even they have to walk the course.

Here’s the Pipples today in Toluca Lake with Carlton from Fresh Prince.

Keep in mind before you freak out… I’m not judging YOU for carting it. Or those with physical limitations. But I’m just saying, for a dude who’s so into the game, who’s always bragging about his handicap, it a lot less impressive when you’re resting your legs every few minutes. It would impress me more if he played it with a challenge, instead of gliding around all spoiled and sh-t like the little punk he is.

Man up on the golf course if you’re always yammering up about being so man.

But that would be asking too much. For a boy whose balls, no, still haven’t dropped.

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