There’s a post on Cele|bitchy today about how kind Justin Timberlake was recently at a club to one of the servers. Not! Pips ordered a glass of champagne, then barked at the poor girl because it was too flat. He barked at her again when he proclaimed the other glass to be flat as well. And then sulked to his friends that he’d just drink it anyway because he was “sick of dealing with her”. He was later overheard telling his driver that if his car wasn’t parked out front he would “lose his sh-t”. Charming. Click here to read the full article on Cele|bitchy.

Now that story originates from In Touch which… you know, I know, the eyeroll. But I just received an email from a reader called Tiffany from Tennessee (thanks Tif!), where Justin’s from too, who had this to pass along:

Justin was in town, and stopped into local fast food joint (Backyard Burger) where he proceeded to order his "special" burger- not sure of the specifications, but apparently he always orders a burger this way. While he was standing at the counter waiting for his food, the kid at the counter asked him how he was doing, at which point Pippy sticks his arm out, placing his hand in the kid's face, and says, "Look, I'm not here to have a conversation, I just want my food." Then proceeds to complain about how long it is taking for his food. It's not as if the guy at the counter asked for his autograph or even treated him any differently than he may have treated another patron waiting for their food. But JT HAD to ensure that that guy knew he was not good enough to be talking to the acclaimed ACTOR JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE.

This is a multimillionaire celebrity sticking his hand in the face of a kid who works probably just above minimum wage at a burger shack. Are you for real motherf-cker??? What’s a sh-tty glass of champagne to Justin Timberlake? Or a few words with a burger boy? At the end of their shifts, they go home counting their tips, struggling to pay the rent/tuition/whatever. At the end of his night, Justin gets a chauffeur and a belly full of beef and everyone surrounding him saying Yes. He has no excuse. None.

But he’s a really great singer and dancer and always does a fantastic job on Jimmy Fallon.

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