This is what I wrote yesterday morning re: Justin Timberlake’s Italian wedding:

“At press time (Thursday, 7am PT), while almost every publication has made at least a small mention of the upcoming event, nothing from PEOPLE Magazine. Does that mean a deal is in play? Going with PEOPLE seems almost low-brow these days. I feel like JT would look down on that sh-t too. Vogue or nothing!”

A deal was indeed in play.

PEOPLE has confirmed they have the exclusive. JT married today and he and his wife released a generic statement to the magazine in advance of next Wednesday’s super issue with photos and details.

So they sold it to PEOPLE.

When I was just saying that PEOPLE seems almost low-classy now -- after the way Blake Lively has played the game -- Justin Timberlake went and sold his sh-t to PEOPLE....

Even though, haven’t you heard it before?, they’re a private couple!

Privacy is sharing your wedding pictures to a magazine? Please you pipsqueaky little hypocrite. You don’t ever get to separate the personal and professional line ever again.