Justin Timberlake continued to show off his awesome acting skills today in New York with Mila Kunis and shot what looks to be a scene with an attractive model type on the stairs. Surrounded by pretty girls, those rumours are inevitable. Every time he’s solo in the city Page Six is all over his flirting. And also Lindsay Lohan’s Twitter. So the question is...

How long before Jessica Biel brings her Shelf Ass over to NYC? Shelfy’s kept a low profile the last couple of weeks. It’s, um, not like she’s busy.

My nail bar was playing that atrocious movie Valentine’s Day yesterday when I went in for maintenance. I had to endure an hour of Biel’s amazing talent. Two scenes in particular: when she has some kind of meltdown in her office with Jamie Foxx and dancing the conga line to I Will Survive at the Indian restaurant – it’s f-cking embarrassing. More so for the people watching who actually laugh. But that’s where they’re well matched, Jessica and Justin. Then again, look at his face. She might have a slight edge.

Photos from Wenn.com and Jackson Lee/Splashnewsonline.com