Click here for a refresher on what I wrote last week. When JT doesn’t show up, The Social Network cleans up. When he does show up, like at the Producers Guild, TSN gets no love. Justin attended the SAGs last night.

Guess what happened?

The Social Network
was trumped by The King’s Speech.

Also, he was annoying as f-ck. Why is it that Pipsqueak is incapable of NOT making every moment about himself? Stand up, read your goddamn lines, and get the hell off the stage. Is that ok? Can you do it?


He has to make a joke. He has push and shove his costars like they’re in the frat house. He has to keep talking with a hot mic, so that you can hear him, so that he’s always the focus of your attention. You know who else is like that?

Lindsay Lohan. I’m just saying.

Photo Assumption says Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield wanted to spend as little time as possible with him. This photo of him, with them at their table, totally cracks me up. Those two are seated together, and Mr Me comes over for a picture, crouches down like a loser clinger, and they can barely hide their disdain. Amazing, right?

By the way, I liked his tie.

Photos from Frazer Harrison/Jason Merritt/Kevork Djansezian/