Madonna made him hot…but he’s still a f&cking douchebag.

Justin Timberlake has signed with MTV to produce a reality tv show called The Phone, kinda like a Bourne Identity meets the Amazing Race which, to be fair, is not the kind of reality show about twats and losers like The Hills etc but still…

This is the same little Pipsqueak who stood up on stage last year at the VMAs and snubbed Lauren Conrad who was presenting his award. At the time he rudely refused to acknowledge her and then he ranted into the mic about MTV airing too many reality shows, suggesting that they play more videos.

Nine months later, he’s hypocritically producing a reality show???

Make up your f&cking mind, bitch!

This is the kind of sh*t that keeps JT off The List. It’s his massive ego, it’s his undropped balls, it’s the sanctimony, the endless babble about artistic integrity and the speed with which he sells it out but above all, it’s the convenient justification of it all.

Here’s Pip leaving the MTV Upfronts yesterday with a smug ass beat me face about his brand new project. On the plus side, now that he’s officially a mogul, he will never, ever shake off the Shelfy.

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