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Justin Timberlake was the best thing to ever happen to Jessica Biel. The second best thing to ever happen to Jessica Biel would be if Justin broke up with her, messed around with some other honeys, like Olivia Wilde and Mila Kunis and Ashley Olsen, and came BACK to her because she’s the best sh-t.

Shelf Ass Biel has been in Toronto for the last few weeks working on Total Recall with Colin Farrell and Kate Beckinsale. This holiday weekend, Pippy was sighted in Toronto, multiple times, with Jessica and on his own. The two were spotted at a restaurant by @GoodEggChick who tweeted:

Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel and tacos. An example of the Oxford comma, also, what was at the next table tonight.

(Please know-it-alls, save it. This is a post about Justin and Jessica and not about the Oxford comma because I already know what you are about to type.)

The tweet ended up getting pulled down though she said she didn't want to give out any more information. Several others spotted Justin alone at Whole Foods and along Bloor Street, within the neighbourhood where Jessica is staying. Needless to say, local paparazzi are now stepping up efforts to get the shot. If Justin and Jessica are willing to give it up, and you know, that’s never been a problem before, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

But that all depends on what kind of visit this was.

Just a friendly stop-in? Like a “closure conversation”? Or a full-blown reconciliation? If that’s the case, if she still wants him back, she is a fool. More foolish than we thought. Because HE was the one who set the agenda in that relationship. And she had to take whatever scraps he gave her, sitting around patiently while he enjoyed his friendly benefits with a steady stream of randoms. Could it really be different this time around? Has he come back with his Pipsqueak in his hand begging for a second chance, claiming he’s ready for commitment?

Justin kicks up heavy press soon for Friends With Benefits which opens on July 22nd. The third explanation for Justin’s appearance in Toronto of course could be that it was a huge hoax to begin with; That Jessica has continued to cling to him all along and he was never able to officially cut her off; that he had us all believe it so that he could sell both his movies, particularly FWB as a single man. Now you know I love a good conspiracy but this one, even for me, seems a little too unnecessarily complicated.

How about this?

Mila Kunis isn’t interested so as a safety net he keeps Jessica close?

Attached – Justin and Jessica in 2009 at Whole Foods in Brentwood celebrating Independence Day.

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