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Last week Jessica Alba begged to be slapped with a serious serving of Sit DOWN after mouthing off in Elle Magazine that writers are superfluous. Click here for a refresher. This week, another Jessica is asstalking like she’s the next Meryl Streep even though her status is barely, just barely, above Rachel Bilson and Kate Bosworth’s in terms of uselessness.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Jessica Biel discusses her current project The Tall Man now filming in British Columbia, Canada. The film has yet to receive distribution and they’re trying to sell it right now, and since she says she’s too busy on set to help market the movie, this profile is apparently her contribution towards that... which, um, is a grossly distorted interpretation of her influence.

Like an article in THR with Jessica Biel who can barely get work is going to attract potential buyers?

If this was the case, she’d be working a lot more.

She concedes in this piece with THR that she’s actually not working after she completes The Tall Man. Here’s where the Sit DOWN comes into play:

THR: What's your next film?
Biel: I don't actually have a next film in the pipeline. I'm still looking for material that's inspiring, that I feel motivated to be part of, and I can challenge myself with.
THR: You do have a pile of scripts in front of you?
Biel: Yes, I'm always reading and looking and meeting with writers and directors and up-and-comers. I'm just trying to find the right fit.

Oh so that’s the reason you can’t line up a new job. Because you’re the one who’s choosy. You’re the one who’s waiting on your Black Swan/Atonement/An Education/Winter’s Bone. You’re the one they want to write for, you’re the one they think of when they’re creating a new character. But...

If that’s the case, wouldn’t it have happened already?

This of course is why she won’t leave him. Because it’s not happening and probably won’t ever. So after he cheated on her with Olivia Munn, she still won’t leave it. By the way, if Olivia Munn didn’t sleep with Justin Timberlake, why is it she keeps skirting the question? She’s been asked in public several times, and each time she coyly refuses to outright deny it. If I’m being accused of f-cking another girl’s boyfriend and I don’t want people to think it of me, I’m telling the whole work it wasn’t.

I suspect Olivia 1. Likes the attention and 2. Doesn’t feel the need to lie about it.

Why should she?

It’s not like she’s lost anything here. She hasn’t even lost Justin’s friendship.


Yes. They still talk and text and message each other.

Oh you didn’t know that?

Neither does Jessica.

Attached – Pips was on set with Amanda Seyfried yesterday. And this is Jessica Biel’s new Revlon ad.
She looks busted.

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