Jessica Biel is feeling pretty secure. Justin Timberlake took her out for dinner with his parents the other night. Somehow TMZ cameras found their way there.

In other Pipsqueak news - the video for FreeSol’s Role Model has been released. FreeSol is signed to Pip’s label. Pip performs on the track, produced it, and also co-directed the video. So, you know, it must be brilliant. Because he jumps on cars and cusses? Watch. Then we’ll pick it up below the clip.

Soooo... lyrically we might have a problem, right?

I wipe that smelly sh-t away like erasers.


Also this:

Maybe you just mad cause I am who you want to be
Maybe I’m a canvas you paint what you want to see
Maybe you’re right
Maybe I’m an asshole
Oops, did I take it too far?
Super Bowl

Ohhhhh really? Is that how it is, son? Because I remember his balls tucked right up into his belly when Janet took most of the heat for that. I remember him bending over and apologising and abandoning her in the wake of the controversy. I remember Janet herself saying he was a pussy for not standing next to her. But go ahead, boy, rewrite that history to serve your own ego.

To be honest though, I’m actually quite surprised - that this video is so...cliche, copied, embarrassingly derivative, and not in any way that’s clever or ironic. Not that Justin Timberlake is the chosen one of originality or anything but musically, it just seems kinda beneath him. Or maybe I’m giving him too much credit. Either way, his “director’s eye” here is seriously wanting.

Don’t tell him that though.

Pips thinks he’s a badass. Pips attended the 2011 Environmental Media Awards the other night in Hollywood with his hair flat-ironed and looked like a total badass. That may be the most unattractive version of his head that I have ever seen.

And if we have to look at a video of JT jumping on cars, I much prefer this one.