I couldn’t help it! I’m sorry! It’s Friday and I’m 6 hours from the weekend and a nice break and I can’t contain the bad jokes.

Justin Timberlake was at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association event last night too. As I mentioned in the post about Emma Stone, everyone’s there to suck up for Golden Globes. No one sucks harder than JT. He’s sucking up for Trolls and that f-cking song he wrote for the movie that’s still 3 months away. I wrote a couple of months ago that he’s probably hoping for an Oscar for it. JT has an Emmy, he has Grammys, he’s halfway to EGOT. If he gets the O, he’ll be even closer.

So the campaigning has started. And he may need it. Because Lin-Manuel Miranda may have a song in contention at the Oscars for Moana and the O is the only one he’s missing. So get ready for 7 months of this. 7 months of JT monkey-dancing in his top hat, hustling For Your Consideration.