Love these pictures.

True Grit premiered last night in Hollywood. You know how it is. Any time the Coen Brothers make a movie it’s a major award season event. True Grit is said to be a strong contender. They were calling it a strong contender even last summer.

So...guess who showed up?

Oh hi Pipsqueak. How’s that Oscar campaign coming along?

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, rumour has it he’s running around town throwing exchange deals around – if you help get me a nomination I’ll host your show/come to your daughter’s 10th bday party/record something with your new artist/do your next sh-t movie/let you taste me in the bathroom Kevin Spacey, what?

But he’d yank his balls down himself if he could get the Coens to cast him in their next project, non? Look at him being all asskissy and eager here. Except maybe with Beau Bridges. Beau Bridges can’t do much for JT. So JT probably doesn’t want much to do with Beau.

You think Pip knows The Fabulous Baker Boys? If he knew, he would give Beau a better a face.

Do you know The Fabulous Baker Boys?


If you say no, please this weekend, treat yourself.

And remember how HOT Jeff Bridges was in The Fabulous Baker Boys??? I love Michelle Pfeiffer. Now I’ve just lost 15 minutes watching this movie on YouTube.