Spoken like a man who just dumped a girl...

I don’t always have kind things to say about Justin Timberlake, and this might be a backhanded compliment but after he f-cks up a girl, at least he’s speaks well of them. Including the most recent Jessica Biel. In his new interview with Vanity Fair, here’s how he described the Shelfy:

“She is the single-handedly most significant person in my life. In my 30 years, she is the most special person, O.K.? … I don’t want to say much more, because I have to protect things that are dear to me—for instance, her.”

Justin had previously been reluctant to discuss Biel. And now, after they’ve split, he’s labelling her as the “most significant person in his life”?

Oh yeah. That has Olivia Munn all over it. And Mila Kunis. And. Olivia Wilde.

As for the rest of the article, I actually quite enjoyed it. I like almost everything he says. With the exception of the part where he pretty much declares that music will not be a focus in life for a long, long time, maybe forever – BUT WHY?????????????????????? – it’s actually not a bad article. He’s a little like Jennifer Aniston in that he speaks in platitudes (ie. “damn near impossible”) and you can almost hear the effort he’s making to sound like a grown up, thinking MAN, but all the same, his sentiments about celebrity, fame, dating, marriage, I buy it for what he wants it to be, I do. Well done.

Click here to read the full piece. He also talks about Britney and Ryan Gosling. Now I’m even more convinced he was supposed to be the cover originally but was bumped for Will & Kate. Also I’ve decided, after reading it and hearing it, in his voice, that I hate and will never, ever use, and in fact might even ridicule, the phrase “butt naked”. To me it’s like the word “Utilise”. Worthless. And we’ll be hearing a LOT of “utilise” during the Stanley Cup Finals.

Why can’t you use USE!?!!

Anyway, according to Us Weekly, JT may not be dating an Olsen. I think Ashley? Here’s what I know about that situation.

Last week, Justin was photographed several times out in New York, seeing a show, having dinner at Southern Hospitality etc. I checked the photo agency and the caption read “Justin Timberlake has dinner at xxx with Ashley Olsen”, and they had pics of Justin but none of Ashley. Which was incredibly frustrating. There were two of three sets of images like this. When I called them up and asked what the deal, they were all like – yeah, we only have pics of Justin, and we don’t know about Ashley.

So I let it go. And now all of a sudden they’re supposedly maybe kind of dating.

I don’t know, I mean I guess anything is possible, but he has a type, and any Olsen situation is about as far from that type as we’ve seen. You know his type though? Blake Lively. I’m not convinced that won’t happen...eventually.

Attached – Ashley Olsen at LAX on Monday.

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