Because Pippy takes credit for everything.

Last week Conan O’Brien signed off. He’ll take over the Tonight Show from Jay Leno later this year. In his place – enter Jimmy Fallon, the new host of Late Night. Jimmy’s first show is Monday and People has confirmed that Justin Timberlake will help his old friend kick it off…which means that when the ratings are huge, he’ll obviously make sure to let us know it was thanks to him. You know that’s how Pip works.

Jimmy has also booked Robert DeNiro who seems like a super cool dude. We saw him at the Bel Air on Friday for breakfast, ultra chill, walking around in his gym clothes with a newspaper.

As for Jimmy and JT, well you know they go back from their Saturday Night Live Barry Gibb Talk Show days. Again, Justin has always killed on SNL. No doubt he’ll kill it for Jimmy on Monday too.

Curious – Jimmy is married to Nancy Juvoven, Drew Barrymore’s business partner. Drew of course is besties with Cam. It’s all a tight circle…

Does this bother her?

She’s still in LA while Justin has spent the last week in New York. As we all now know, Shelfy was not able to talk him into going to the Oscars with her. So while he’s been without her, he’s been sighted everywhere – having dinner, supposedly hanging out with a group of girls, drinks and fun, and able to do so free for the most part from photographers

Amazing, non?

When Jessica Biel is around, somehow the paps can find him. When Jessica Biel isn’t around, Justin Timberlake, one of the biggest names in the world, can go three, four, five days without being papped. In New York City.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Thanks M!

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