Pipsqueak’s obsession

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 16, 2010 09:57:03 March 16, 2010 09:57:03

It’s acting.

He thinks he’s conquered music, he no longer has anything to prove in music, and now, by divine right, he needs to give the world his next gift which, naturally, is his Actor. Yes, Pip keeps insisting that his Actor gives us pleasure. That we want to watch him, to be entertained by him, to laugh with him. And, ugh, we can’t give him back. He’s shoving his Actor on us like a Vegas douchebag who can’t understand why you don’t want a piece of his soulpatch.

As you know, Justin Timberlake is currently shooting a movie called Bad Teacher with his ex girlfriend Cameron Diaz. Here is the first photo from the film – they’re gettin’ down at school, Cam’s a f-ck up and JT her marriage target. Apparently the two get on great, wonderful chemistry, and the set is one giant happy family... until Shelfy comes along to spoil the mood.

What’s next?


Kristin at E!Online is reporting that Pippy wants to attack both screens and that he’s currently negotiating a guest starring spot on Glee. Well, at least he’ll be singing on Glee. But still...

His Actor his ambitious. Like, Madonna ambitious. You remember what happened when Madonna’s Actor tried to torture us, don’t you? We were punished. What? The pain has receded? Two words: Swept Away. Pippy’s Actor is more of the same. Please. Someone. Curb the overreaching.

For more on Pip and Cam in Bad Teacher, click here. For more on Pip in Glee click here.

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