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Justin Timberlake’s new album The 20/20 Experience Pt 2 drops today. His movie, Runner, Runner, opens on Friday. So he’s right up in your face, breathing his sick germs all over you. JT is sick. He has the flu or some sinus issue. He was supposed to perform on The Tonight Show last night but couldn’t, or he was saving himself for tonight, when he’s scheduled to sing on Hollywood Boulevard. That’s what some sources are suggesting, according to Deadline. Understandable. Why dilute the impact of a big open street show on a talk show?

Still, it’s a good opportunity for JT to throw down his own version of Michael Jordan. Man I miss those days. 1997. Salt Lake City. The Bulls and the Jazz are tied for the NBA Finals 2 games apiece. Jordan has food poisoning. He’s a mess. He insists he can play. He slogs through the first half of the game. And somehow, when it mattered, he found some other gear, carrying his team on his ailing back, and finishing with 38 points, cementing his legend. Every sports lover remembers that moment – Pippen practically carrying Jordan off the court. JT remembers that moment too, I guarantee it.

You don’t think this vain motherf-cker wants to pull off of those moments, pop star styles? He will. He will be awesome tonight, guaranteed. And then he won’t let you forget about it.

Here are some shots of JT performing at the IHeartRadio festival in Vegas on the weekend. You know who else was there?


There’s a photo circulating of the two of them. I haven’t posted it yet because I think it might be photoshopped. None of the major agencies are selling it. None of the major publications have acquired it yet. Not that she wouldn’t want to. She’s sweet like that, Britney. She doesn’t think for herself in that way. To protect her influence, guard her special against those who would exploit it. And for him, he’s too proud. JT knows what Britney was to his career. Standing beside her like that would mean he’s confirming it.

Besides, Mrs Timberlake was there.

Mrs Timberlake was with him too last week during European junkets for Runner, Runner. Have you seen these?

They were sent to me on Twitter the other day – thanks!

Let’s play GIF assumption on JT’s face as his wife wraps herself around him. Is he pleased? Is he welcoming of the affection? Or is he more like…

Um, not now, but I’ll grit my teeth through this?

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