Jessica Biel has been trying to produce and star in a movie called The Devil In The Deep Blue Sea (terrible title) for a while now. At least 18 months if not longer. The project was going nowhere. Then this week it was announced from Cannes that the project had finally found financing and that her fiancé soon husband will score and supervise the soundtrack.

What a wonderful time it must be for Shelfy: she puts in all those years, endures all that infidelity and indifference, and finally he agrees not only to marry her but actually provide tangible support for her film. The way this deal was announced, it sounds like there would have been no cash money offered unless JT stepped up his involvement.

What’s in it for him?

As much as he loves his future wife, you know Pips, and there’s always something in it for him. Justin has just come off working with Clint Eastwood who has scored many of his own films and has been widely recognised and rewarded for it. This, then, unfortunately, is not about JT coming back to music and turning his back on movies but about JT becoming more entrenched in filmmaking - like he can interpret the sound of a scene with the sensibility of an “actor” and as such will elevate the art form.

I really wish someone would tell him how obvious he is with all this Oscar-wanting. Why not focus his energy on hosting the show? Because in his mind you know he’s telling himself he’s not a host, he’s a potential nominee. Hosting is beneath him.