This is the Pip yesterday playing in a celebrity golf tournament at Pebble Beach. Ugh. Jealous. Golf season has already started for my husband but I refuse to play when the fairway is still sopping.

Of course the fairway at Pebble Beach is not sopping. It’s perfect. And Justin Timberlake can afford the green fees. He also dresses beautifully on the course. Love how those pants fit.

Oh child, if not for your attitude.

Anyway, next week is shaping up to be a big one for the Pipple. William Rast is showing at Fashion Week for on Monday. According to WWD, the designs will be Obama themed, and Justin and his partner Trace Ayala also plan on launching a shoe line, and opening a flagship boutique to kick off a series of stores across North America.

As you know, his girlfriend has been shoving her shelf ass into his jeans for a while now. And he was modelling them for the paps in Rome during the summer when they invited photographers along with them on holiday…

Needless to say, JT is building his brand. And he’ll undoubtedly be successful. This is why his Herm is holding on so tight.

Think about it: if you’re Jessica Biel, where do you go from Justin Timberlake once he’s moved on?

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