That Matt Damon is sent a heavy load of scripts is understandable. He’s Matt Damon. But... Justin Timberlake? He recently wrapped on The Social Network (the Facebook story), he’s currently working on Bad Teacher with Cammie D, and now he’s reportedly close to confirming another lead in a comedy called Friends With Benefits about some dude who meets an attractive girl at a meeting and they agree to f-ck but not date and all goes well until he falls in love with her but she has a boyfriend...not to be confused with a similar movie that Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher will apparently be working on with Ivan Reitman called F-ckbuddies.

There are a lot of young actors in Hollywood. Why is a pipsqueak musician-fashion designer-wannabe-thespian suddenly at the top of the list? Is it because JT has had so much box office success?

Run down his last few features:

The Open Road was virtually straight to DVD.
The Love Guru was a disaster. Shrek 3 sucked. Black Snake Moan was incomprehensible. Southland Tales was a joke. Alpha Dog an even bigger joke. That’s not a winning record. That’s, like, an Edmonton Oilers win/loss record. Yes, he is great on Saturday Night Live. But he canNOT act for SH-T.

Please Hollywood people. Stop trying to force Justin Timberlake the Actor into my face. I am not entertained.

But it does amuse me very much that the alleged “real” actor in the relationship, Jessica Biel, has to sit by at home and watch as courier after courier script delivery is marked for the boyfriend. And she’s the one who walks the dogs while he reports to set every day. This is what happens when overreaching happens. Ironically this is also what happens when you work very hard to remind people that you are his girlfriend. That, really, is all you are.

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