Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick were in London last week promoting Trolls. HOW MUCH LONGER DO THEY HAVE TO KEEP PROMOTING THIS MOVIE?!?

Anyway, part of the press tour included an appearance on The Graham Norton Show. The other guests were Daniel Radcliffe and Robbie Williams. Dan told a great story about meeting Donald Trump. Dan is always generous and humble and sweet. Anna Kendrick described her addiction to the Great British Bake Off. Guess who had to interject both times? Guess who couldn’t help himself and had to make himself heard when the moment was intended for other people? Justin Timberlake. Always Justin Timberlake.

Except. Except when it was Robbie Williams’s turn. First of all, Robbie Williams knows how to tell a story. It’s riveting. He’s a f-cking brat. Watch if you haven’t already and let’s regroup on the other side:

First of all….



Notice how JT tried to steal the spotlight right off the top by pretending to walk off set? And notice how Robbie was like, Not on my watch, asshole. I am not the one. And he shut Justin down with a joke. And continues with his crazy ass story and the audience is dying. Anna Kendrick is dying. Daniel Radcliffe is dying. But look at JT’s face. All he can think about is the fact that nobody f-cking cares about him right now, nobody cares what he has to say. Which is why his very first reaction after Robbie was done was to point out, quite rightly, that after Robbie’s go, nobody cares about his President Obama story anymore. During Robbie’s amazing tale, THAT’s what was on JT’s mind. Robbie’s making everyone laugh. We’re hanging on every word, and the only thing JT thinking is that he wasn’t the star that night. This is what makes him the least interesting person on that couch. Because he’s not interested in anyone but himself.