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Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 15, 2010 09:43:25 December 15, 2010 09:43:25

Well... it depends how you see it.

Where did all this “Oscar buzz” for Justin Timberlake originate anyway? Like I said the other day, whoever it was that was even suggesting it should be embarrassed. He is a joke in The Social Network. Which is why, since the Golden Globe nominations were a joke too, I suppose you could say he was snubbed for one. Backhanded compliment?

No but seriously...

Jennifer Love Hewitt played a rub’n’tug trick for a Lifetime Movie of the Week, and Pipsqueak couldn’t barter and suck his way into the Pia Zadora Awards? He must be choked. I mean, the HPFA somehow found a way to nominate the Jolie for Best Actress in a Comedy for The Tourist. So, obviously, it’s not like they’re afraid of being laughed at. Then again, with Angelina you get a two for one deal. She brings Pitt Porn. Justin only brings... Jessica Biel.

What if however Justin were to bring Scarlett Johansson. Different ballgame, non? And Scarjo is single now. And Scarjo and Justin used to deal. Just before he started dealing with Biel. If Scarjo had been more interested in him, Biel may have never happened.

So who’s the most devastated by the Johansson/Reynolds split? Jessica’s about to lose even more weight.

Attached – Pipsqueak on the set of NOW yesterday.

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