Pippy’s Shelf-less weekend with the exes

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He’s a smug little bitch, but his game is music. And when he’s playing his game, he is almost infallible. Justin Timberlake’s rendition of Hallelujah with Matt Morris on Hope For Haiti Now was gorgeous. And a stark reminder: STOP ACTING. Please. It is not your gift. You have a gift. This is why George asked you to sing. This is why George did not ask you to SPEAK. See?

But where was Shelf Ass Jessica Biel? How could she have passed up this opportunity to be around the most influential players in Hollywood, to cling to him, attached to his leg, all the way to the venue just to make sure she could be involved...

Like, um, even Kimora Lee Simmons was answering the phone. Kimora was invited but Shelfy wasn’t? Snort. Come on, you have to laugh.

And not only was Shelfy not invited... Cam was. Cam was there, and they had a moment. A moment captured on camera. It was friendly, it was warm, they’re not f-cking, but it’s enough to make the Biel stop eating altogether. And it kept getting worse.

Alyssa Milano, also a Pippy ex was manning the phones too. Alyssa Milano, permanently on tv, and still no Shelfy?

The next night at the SAGs, Pip was paired with the Manslinger. Oh la. You know they once had relations. You know she’s single. You know she was waving her bottom around all night...

So if JT and Biel are still together, oh you better believe her publicist is setting up some shots. There is no way Biel will let this go unanswered. No. Way. But there is something to be said about her lack of inclusion at such major events this weekend.

PS. Did you hear it when Hudson mumbled to him onstage that she wasn’t aware he was a SAG Actor? Heh. There’s an obvious familiarity between them, could you feel it?

PPS. No Pip, not even you can pull off the blue jean tuxedo shirt.


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