Or David Fincher.

Pipsqueak the director.

Pippy… please!

Shut up and sing! Shut up and dance!

But now he’s directing.

A series of ads for William Rast – Justin Timberlake wrote and directed and composed the score for the vignettes, the first three of which have been posted to the William Rast website with more to be added later.

No doubt, Pippy looks hot. Pippy wears clothes well. He wears his own clothes exceptionally well. And the tune in the background is reasonably clever.

But he’s clearly no Scorsese, although as is always the case when it comes to his favourite subject HIMSELF, Pip ostensibly believes what he’s produced here is utter genius.

Click here to watch.

His co-star, the girl, is gorgeous. And if that’s her voice… even better. MUCH better than the Shelf. Why is the Shelf still in the picture?

Because the Shelf is a clinger!

Have a look at the video below – Jessica Biel and Pip saying goodbye. Characterised by the agency taking the shots as “romantic” but to me, to me that is a dude who’s more than a little impatient and seems to be protesting a little something. Maybe it’s just me. Thanks Maria!