JT and the underground Chinese

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 31, 2013 13:48:44 July 31, 2013 13:48:44

Here’s what I like about the new Justin Timberlake video for Take Back The Night:

-it’s not 8 minutes long
-his rolled up pants (but not as much I like them on Zachary Quinto)
-that dope little kid with the badass moves
-great aerial footage from his concert

Here’s what made me laugh during the new Justin Timberlake video for Take Back The Night

-his black bib or bulletproof vest, however you want to see it
-how he’s fronting like he hasn’t just ripped off MJ
-how he drives away from the real people in the real neighbourhood in his toy vintage car to go back to his gated community
-for the first time, he doesn’t look like a teenager anymore. Age is settling into JT’s face, can you see it?

Here’s what made me side-eye while watching the new Justin Timberlake video for Take Back The Night

-he walks into the back of a Chinese shoppe with the mah-jong going and an old Chinese dude reading the paper with his leg hitched up on his chair and instead of scrambling to hide the money and find their immigration papers, they grin and high-five him like it’s totally normal…?

Um, that’s not how that sh-t goes down in any underground China hang I’ve ever been to. And on this I consider myself an expert. Because that’s where I grew up. That’s my grandmother in the corner there greedily waiting for her winning tile. That’s my uncle sucking on a toothpick with a newspaper waiting for an unwelcome to crash the place before kicking the sh-t out of him.

But hey, it’s Justin Timberlake with the all-access pass in every ‘hood because he’s just so popular like that. Please.

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