Friends With Benefits was a big hit at the box office this weekend...


Look, it wasn’t a disaster but it was barely better if not worse than a Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy and, at just over $18 million, it did NOT out-earn its doppelganger No Strings Attached which opened at $19.5 million... in January.

January is not July. July is when people go to see movies. January is when movies that are sh-t hope to disappear without too much embarrassment. It was a surprise when NSA topped the box office in its first week. It’s very, very ordinary that Justin Timberlake’s Friends With Benefits struggled to get to 18 and a half. They released the movie in July for a reason. They were hoping to get summer money. They thought they could get BIG summer money. And they didn’t.

But, but, but...

He, like, practically WROTE the movie, remember?

So how is it that it didn’t make at least $20 million +???

Blame Mila Kunis. Blame the studio. Blame the goddamn director. Justin should have directed. Is it not enough that he had to REWRITE the f-cking screenplay, now he needs to worry about the direction? If he’d directed it himself, it totally woulda been gold.


At the movies, there is no “Justin Timberlake” factor. At the movies, “Justin Timberlake” is not a draw. Justin Timberlake is a MYTH. And Justin Timberlake, I still don’t know, how did he make it onto Bill Simmons’s list?

Anyway, Pipsy was at Comic-Con (click here if you missed my article on how everyone hated him and why he’s far from cool) at the same time as Olivia Munn and his maybe on/off girlfriend Jessica Biel. I saw all three of them through the weekend.

Had to nudge by Olivia at a party on Friday night, you know how it can get really tight when you’re squeezing through a crowd? For a few seconds we were hip to hip. I don’t dig the things she wears or her hair right now but her face, Jesus, her face is something to look at. She has the best skin. Gorgeous. Never mind whatever’s going on with that costume (although it’s another reason those nerds were spanking it in the loo), focus on that FACE. Now you know why JT had to have a piece of that. And he DID. 100%. No doubt. There is no buffet about that story. You don’t get to choose. That went down for sure... DURING his relationship with Jessica Biel.

Who keeps hanging on.

Jessica was in San Diego for Total Recall. She’s quite pretty in person, and wears very little makeup although in pictures it shows up as so much more. Was rather nice to the press, took her time with everyone, really wanted to make a good impression. What’s unattractive then is what she keeps wanting in Justin. And what she’s willing to endure in return.

Attached – Pips in Moscow today with Mila and Will Gluck promoting FWB.

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