“Baby daddy duty”

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It’s taken me a few days to get to this but I thought I’d let your Justin Timberlake Oscar rage subside …and then stoke it back up again.

Here’s what Jessica Biel posted on Instagram the day after the Oscars:


Post Oscars. Pre party. Baby daddy duty.

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What she wants us to appreciate here is that she needed a moment to eat. It’s a long night. There was an outfit change. The clothes are expensive. And, allegedly, her husband was being helpful so that she could refuel. And since it’s always ME ME ME ME ME when it comes to JT, this is supposed to show that he can, occasionally, put her first, instead of poppin’ and lockin’ his ass into her spotlight.

Does though? Does it really?

The expression on his face.

That f-cking expression.

Like he couldn’t for once, just once, pretend that he was happy to do it, happy to hold up her cape while she ate. Like it wouldn’t be “man” enough if he didn’t look like it was somehow a goddamn chore to make HER life easy for a change. As she says, it’s a “duty” for him. No kidding. It’s not like he would get any pleasure out of being of assistance to the mother of his child.

And this is the one she posted!

Because … THIS IS THE BEST ONE SHE COULD GET. What does that look like over the course of a life together?

Attached - Jessica Biel at the Oscars and running errands in LA today. 

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