Both Us Weekly and PEOPLE have reported recently that Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake will marry this summer and it’ll be a mega event. Supposedly it was Jessica who wanted a small, intimate affair but Pips insisted that he wanted to go big, declaring that it would be “her the best day ever”.

What to make of the story? I’m inclined to believe she leaked it but also that he’s the one who, indeed, is planning to blow his wad on his occasion. It would match his ego. So who’s the bigger famewhore in this relationship? Debatable. Who’s the bigger asshole?

My vote: him.

Pippy has been shooting Trouble With The Curve, directed by Clint Eastwood, in Atlanta. Last week Jessica went to visit him and I received a tip that the two had dinner with friends at a Mexican restaurant on Tuesday.  The two were close, tactile, and loving. By all accounts, she was sweet and unassuming. He on the other hand...

What do we think of people who snap their fingers at their servers? Apparently his drink wasn’t strong enough and he sent it back. When they returned with the replacement, he still wasn’t happy, complaining that “I should just go back there and make it myself”. Every time he needed service, he’d click his fingers impatiently, snapping them to call for attention, as Jessica sat at his side, sheepishly, almost apologising with her eyes. God that is the worst feeling ever, isn’t it? Being embarrassed by a friend with the low classiest manners ever? And if you’re Jessica Biel, what choice do you have? After all that waiting, after all that clinging, after enduring the infidelity and finally being rewarded with the ring and the promise of the big day, to challenge him, before the title change, in her mind it’s probably too big a risk. That’s the reality of her choice, the truth about her predicament, and, sadly, not an uncommon one. How many women, non-famous ones, find themselves in the same position?