Jessica Biel turned 34 yesterday. She and Justin Timberlake celebrated at her new shoppe Au Fudge. And he posted this shot of them on Instagram:

Everybody’s saying how sweet that caption is. Amazingly, I couldn’t find anything to hate about it so I sent it to two friends I can always trust to sh-t on something. And, as always, they came through. Here are their responses:

What does mommy have to come first?

Why is it there at all? Think about what being a mother to that age child entails. YOU ARE AWESOME AT CHANGING DIAPERS AND FEEDING.

Both of my friends are mothers. I am not a mother. We are all assholes though. Are you an asshole too? What are your thoughts?

Jessica looks SO beautiful in this photo. Is it just me or do you see a lot less gratefulness in her eyes lately?