It’s happening this weekend, Justin Timberlake’s dream wedding. Most the guests had arrived in Italy by last night. You can see a shot of Andy Samberg in one of these photos attached. There was a fireworks celebration. The location? Southern Italy. Most outlets are withholding the location - a small town in Southern Italy - out of competition with each other but also because they don’t want to get sh-t on for sending the paparazzi and the crazy fans down there.

Please. The paps are there already. And the crazy fans already know. You know why? Because Justin’s not famous cousins keep tweeting about where they are. And posting photos. And no one is more resourceful than a crazy fan hunting sh-t down online.

At press time (Thursday, 7am PT), while almost every publication has made at least a small mention of the upcoming event, nothing from PEOPLE Magazine. Does that mean a deal is in play? Going with PEOPLE seems almost low-brow these days. I feel like JT would look down on that sh-t too. Vogue or nothing!