As you know, Justin Timberlake’s dream wedding happened in Italy on Friday. JT and his wife spent most of the weekend at the resort and left yesterday, presumably for their honeymoon. Mrs Timberlake was photographed walking around the grounds of the hotel before their departure. And on Wednesday we’ll get to see what she wore.

PEOPLE, predictably, has the exclusive and it would have to have been a lot of money. Pipsqueak’s ego would have demanded a lot of money. Even though he doesn’t need the money. But they’re saying the wedding may have cost $6 million. Why not get a magazine to pay for part of it?

You know, it’s not just the Kardashians...

Oh, is that you Justin Timberlake? Selling your wedding to pay for your wedding like a Kardashian?

And he knows it too. He knows it’s gross. He knows it’s super gross and super low-classy at this point to go with PEOPLE, especially after Blake Lively threw it down so hard with her secret Martha Stewart situation she made everyone who settles for PEOPLE and less look like a reality show star. He KNOWS. He knows how it looks. You can hear he’s hating every word in this generic quote he spat out for the magazine:

"It was magical. It was an unforgettable evening."

It’s typical JT whiny bitch behaviour is what it is, all sanctimonious after signing a big cash money deal like that sh-t is beneath him. Is it???