Am a firm believer in the concept that just as you can give someone your blood, you can also give someone your fame. Hence fame transfusion, apparently what Britney Spears is willing to do for her golddigging jerkoff of a good for nothin" husband. After all, what"s a little professional sharing when your eggs are already involved? In other words, not a stretch on that front. Same couldn"t be said though for Sony Music. Sony BMG"s Jive Records, the same label that made a killing off of Britney, has now committed to distributing Kfed"s assy music - quite possibly the worst piece of news we"ve heard since Brad Pitt decided to bore himself to death 7 years ago. I"m sorry to have to say this gossips…I am so sorry…but when we wrote him off after Teen Choice, after he destroyed our appetites with his lame as f*ck attempt at performing, WE WERE WRONG. And he - like Paris Hilton"s Hollywood Ebola and the flesh eating Necrotising Fasciitis discussed a few weeks ago - just might be unkillable, the kind of bacteria that mutates with the environment, making him immune to any disinfectant or vaccine. Having said that, I prefer to take the silver lining approach. Perhaps if he"s successful, perhaps if the braindead collective out there, Hello Kitties are always good for this, you know, perhaps if the Moron Majority takes him under their tasteless wings, perhaps his ego will grow too large even for Britney"s overly fertile womb. Perhaps then he might cut her loose, leading ultimately to his downfall, and - even better - resulting in her reincarnation. Nothing makes for more compelling gossip than a comeback. And a Spears comeback would blow that Hilton whore off the gossip pages for good. Source