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Hope getting stronger, y’all. Britney looking promising on a supervised outing from rehab yesterday. As you can see, the Carol Channing wig is gone, as is the f&cked up and crazy attack face. It’s been a week now, physical detox should be complete, now it’s just workin’ out her head. Hope is hard to kill, see? As for those rumours of reconciliation with Kevin Federline – I was the first to report it last week - that both are considering the possibility, but I’m also hearing that Britney has been advised against it so soon from those counseling her, at least not right away. One of Britney’s issues is focus. She is working on focus and coping with distraction and pressure and lingering resentment from before her marriage. Word is, those assisting with her recovery feel that repairing a marriage will bring with it a whole new set of issues that will only exacerbate her fragile state especially upon exiting treatment. Kevin apparently understands this and he is impressively backing off, putting her needs (for once) in front of his own. I’m told a tentative peace has even been brokered between KFed and Larry Rudolph, with Lynne vouching for Kevin’s intentions, moved by his instrumental efforts at saving Britney. Meanwhile, Britney is said to be doing well, completely stable, though having a rough go of it emotionally, given that this has been the first time in years when her excuses don’t work and no one is lifting her out of a jam. There can be miracles…

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